Burt Reynolds has passed away

Sorry, I know this really isn't audio related, but I really liked Burt.

R.I.P. Burt, thanks for all the great movies!

RIP, Burt.  Here in Palm Beach County he was a constant presence.  He had a local theater (Jupiter) for public performances by mostly local actors of stage plays and a "school" where people could learn the job.  He was everyone's friend down here and had a great rep of being a super guy.  We will miss him--another nice, pleasant person gone.  We seem to need all we can find right now, so this is a shame.
Oddly, there’s a YouTube video with Marlon Brando unloading on Burt Reynolds. I’m not sure what brought that diatribe on but examined objectively they were rather similar in terms of romantic comedy, even somewhat similar in serious acting style, and charming with the ladies, charming on talk shows. They even looked quite similar physically when they were young. And they were both as big as you can get in movies, at least for a while.
For some reason, the anger and outrage I felt at the Adam Sandler remake of the Longest Yard is amplified to the nth degree!  
@mofimadness, "My first sports car that I ever owned was the Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am edition. T-Tops, killer paint job and a ROCKIN' stereo!"

My first car was a 75 Chevy Monza my high school job boss gave me for free that was an absolute basket case.  But as soon as I had enough money, like you and partly because of the movie, I bought a red 76 Trans Am with t-tops (yeah, they leaked, but were so worth it) and really cool honeycomb wheels.  That interior, especially, the dash was as slick as things got.  Strangled by mid-70s emissions technology, but over the next few years, I got it running the way the Pontiac 400s from an earlier time did.  On the stereo side, my dad got me a beautiful Clarion head unit out of a wrecked Saab 9-3.  You should have seen the way the guys at the Saab dealership looked at my scruffy butt when I showed up to get some documentation on it.  EVERY single person asked how I got the radio, with an "yeah, right..." smirk reaction to my answer.  Adding a couple of amplifiers and some speakers got it to seriously bangin' level.

You're absolutely right, what a cool car!  Thanks for jogging my memory back to awfully fun times.

Again, much respect to Burt...