Butler Audio - Tube Lovers....comments please...

I am considering purchasing a pair of these amps and using them as monoblocks. Butler's TDB 2250 can be switched to mono and has the following features:

- Hybrid design
- Zero negative feedback
- Auto biasing
- 800 watts into 8 ohm - when used in mono
- OTL (no output transformers)
- Tubes: 6SL7GC Dual Triode

All for around $3300 per monoblock.

I have no relationship with Butler Audio. Just curious how this can be done at this price level. Your comments are appreciated.
Most of the Butler stuff isn't all tube. A lot of their stuff is hybrid designs with solidstate output.
Wrong Aroc, it's just the other way around. The tube is injected into the output stage that gives this solid state amp it's "tubelike" qualities. Regards, Robin