BUY Bryston!!!!!

My 18yo Bryston  amp stopped  playing on the left channel , I sent it to the  Vermont repair center,with in 4 days I had it back repaired like new(no charge, they paid shipping back) Mean time I was rearranging my other components to make room for an extra T.T. I took the feet off my Bryston power supply to lower it when I reinstalled the feet I used a longer screw and screwed into the circuit board shorting out the power supply !!! I called Bryston and sent it to them ,they saw what happened when they opened the power supply,called me , and said that they were repairing the unit no charge even though I caused the problem myself !They said(Don't remove the feet any more) What great customer service !!!!!You can call them direct, they always pick up the phone and you talk to a tech  ! ONE Very good company!!   T.Y.
Hi Terry9,

Can you describe to the best of your ability the Bryston sound? I was wondering what your thoughts are for 2 channel listening.
Add me to this list of satisfied Bryston owners. I had an almost twenty year old 3B they repaired as good as new. Sold it and the new owner transferred a little over three years left on the 20-year warranty. If I weren't so in love with tubes, I'd buy them again...
Wow, now that's enough to make me want a Bryston next time!!

Its a far cry from a company like Schiit that takes no calls on product questions and refuses to honor their own return policy. 

Thank you for the heads up. I will not forget it.
Bryston are great folks. I think it was James Tanner (Bryston VP) who hand delivered my first 3B-ST to Whitby Audio when he was driving home to Peterborough. I have bought and sold a lot of Bryston gear and it was always with full confidence that the gear would work or get easily fixed to 100% operational ability.