Buyer Beware of Late Part 2

O.K., so I realize it's not Audiogon's job to protect us from our own stupidity, but the scammers keep coming! The latest was by Kokilo and Smith00, both advertising B&W speakers at super discount pricing (red flag #1) with no feedback (red flag #2). This time, however, Kokilo listed an Iowa zipcode, right in my neck of the woods, so I thought I'd have some fun. I replied that I wanted the speakers and would pay cash, but would pick them up in person, please reply. No answer. I sent another email stating that Audiogon had given me his address (they don't, just for the record) and I was on my way to pick them up. No answer. I then told him that my brother-in-law, an Iowa State Patrol officer would be with me and not to be alarmed when his patrol car pulls up in front of this house. No answer again! My last email stated I was on my way and have the speakers ready to go. What a answer! As of last night, he had "sale pending" and now, he's no longer a member of Audiogon. I really hope no one sent this thief any $. Buyer beware, don't be stupid, know who you're dealing with.
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I would not let them off the hook. If he/she would respond to your emails and ask if he/she could kill the deal because they were going to lose too much money, that would be a different story. Most people are very understanding but, to not respond to you when they are responding to other emails is unacceptable. If I were in your shoes I would leave negative feedback. Just my two cents.
I think we got one more today, I hope I'm wrong!
I had e-mailed Audiogon about B&W couple of days back.
I wonder How they got there feedback approved when it seemed so obvious to us.
i agree jab,keep up the good fight guys,this is agreat thread to snuff out these *&^%$# little boiler room.