Buyer wants copy of passport?

I have bought and sold expensive equipment for may years both here on audiogon and on Europe’s audio and I have good feedback on both.
for years buyers was satisfied with photo of the equipment and as a buyer I was to.
Now  buyers wants videos of the equipment playing and also copy of passport and pictures of yourself together with the equipment. Would you accept such demands?
sending pictures of passports to a stranger seems not so comfortable !.?

Same experience here. Someone saw my ads on markt de and requested me to send the picture of serial number, the next day, the picture of the product in close up, the next day again, the video of the equipment when playing and finally, my picture with the product at the background. The next day, he disappeared without a trace.
well ,I remember I requested pictures of man standing by speakers spendor sp100r2 :) The resason were very simple ones:I had ad "want it now".Seller provided bank accaunt of female while he was a man,pictures were taken in audio store.
Another case was with krell fbi "want it now" ad.I googled sellers name and it appeared he was 18years old guy,contacted krell for more info,it appeared amp was sold some years ago in different country:) 

I had a buyer who wanted a pic of my ID with the piece.  Given where I live, it probably isn't much use to a scammer, so I sent it.  Buyer was a nice guy who just wanted some assurance.  He later purchased another CDP from me.  I agree with the above in terms of using caution but it's not a scam every time. 
Hey ulf, ask for a picture of himself, passport, his American dollars and after you don't get it tell him up his keyster with a rotating pineapple. then get a photo of that.