Buyer wants copy of passport?

I have bought and sold expensive equipment for may years both here on audiogon and on Europe’s audio and I have good feedback on both.
for years buyers was satisfied with photo of the equipment and as a buyer I was to.
Now  buyers wants videos of the equipment playing and also copy of passport and pictures of yourself together with the equipment. Would you accept such demands?
sending pictures of passports to a stranger seems not so comfortable !.?

Tell the buyer you'll ship the item COD in a couple of weeks. You are the seller. Stay in control. Buyers have too many rights already. Send him a picture of Shemp.
To schubert 

I see no reason for that kind of language or attitude on a forum that is designed to foster a community of enthusiast. 
I urge you to limit your comment to the subject on hand, and refrain from comment on me,  your fellow Audiophile enthusiast