Buying Fewer CD's & LP's Because of Pandora?

Now that you have Pandora, Rhapsody, Mog and Spotify and internet radio stations....are you buying fewer cd's and lp's than before?
not me - Pandora is just for background listening. I need to listen to albums in context when it comes to serious listening.
Just the opposite ... it plays things i've not heard and like so I end up buying more CDs.
I use Rhapsody to listen to entire albums. If I feel that I want to own the album at higher resolution, then I'll purchase the CD or LP. Rhapsody has definitely cut my CD/LP purchases at least by half.
Not for me... I'm actually buying *more* CDs than before listening to Pandora.

Pandora serves up artists I've never heard before. If I like them well enough, I buy a copy for closer listening.
I've started using Shazam to identify and tag tunes I am interested in when I hear them and then revisit tagged tunes later when I am in the mood to pick up some new music.