Buying from Japan...Accuphase or Luxman what are the costs ? import duties etc

Hi I cant seem to find the answers, anybody actually bought accuphase or Luxman from Japan to USA. Most on ebay are free shipping, are there tariffs, duties etc, If I do this it will be shipped to a non sales tax state, thanks for any info.

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You can google USA customs duty. There is a gov't site that lists everything by category.  Did I say EVERYTHING? I found it when I was importing a TT from Japan. BTW there is no duty for record players or record player parts (my TT and my recent tonearm, for example) from Japan, and most sellers from Japan are aware of how to label shipments. My TT was clear sailing. You can always pay someone if you discover there is a duty on a specific item... and you don't have the time or temperament to deal with bureaucracy. Remember Japan Market uses 100 volt 60 cycle, so include a transformer in your plans (just because the plugs are the same doesn't mean it will survive, or perform to design specs).

I have purchased two new Luxman amplifiers from Japan on EBay ;550axII and 505axII. I paid about $150 import fees on one of the amplifiers but zero on the other. Don’t know why. I filled out the customs form online. Both units arrived in perfect condition.

I easily resold the 505 to upgrade. I had no issues whatsoever.

my converter failed and the second amp would not turn on. I had a heck of a time finding a repair shop in the states. The unit was repaired satisfactory and I upgraded the converter. I still have it and it’s been working perfectly.

even with the repair and shipping charges I still saved a couple thousand dollars versus buying locally.

if I were to buy another new Luxman or Accuphase I would still buy a Japanese unit.

just be aware that the warranty is not honored here in the states.


JUST-DON'T-DO-IT....Pay for a legit US dist Luxman or move to other less $$ gear....

Many thanks for the replies, especially those with Japan buying experiences.

I think some think that buying from Japan is illegal or that their version isn't the same or up to spec as the US version, they are different voltage hence the step down unit.  There are pros and cons to going this route I know. Don't know what I may do BUT it is pretty hard not to look into it at least.

I mean you go on ebay and Luxman is about half the price....with free shipping.



Pretty safe... as long as you do your research on products and sellers (on ebay). I bought a few audio items from Japan but never had problems never paid any import tax or anything like that. Mostly prepaid shipping - fast and reliable. You won't need a stepdown transformer for heavy power/pre amps since their substantial transformers can handle up to 20% higher or 120v but definitely need one to play smaller things like CD players. Now is a good time to buy from Japan thanks to super strong usd