Buying from Japan...Accuphase or Luxman what are the costs ? import duties etc

Hi I cant seem to find the answers, anybody actually bought accuphase or Luxman from Japan to USA. Most on ebay are free shipping, are there tariffs, duties etc, If I do this it will be shipped to a non sales tax state, thanks for any info.

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You are Not going to get a usa Voltage buying overseas. You will get the 100v. Just have a look on ebay, they are all 100v Japanese models. The only one on there that was genuine usa model 120v was mine. I took it down, no bites. Also took it down here. It’s nuts, I took a grand off the price, it’s still new in box. No idea what people are looking for nowadays, they all want something for nothing. I think I’ll just keep it and be happy. The Accuphase pricing has not budged an inch...they are all still priced the same here...high....also, when I bought mine in 2023, there were only two available in the entire US. 

I do know it will be 100v and have talked to acupwr  about transformers.

I do appreciate the responses, but take kind of a back seat to the 'buy legit"

thing, nothing wrong with buying from Japan, its called free market, yes there can be some pitfalls. One is servicing, I am going to call some audio repair places and get their response etc, any other info feel free, thanks

Aduoguy you are WRONG!

I bought an Accuphase new from ebay with USA 120 Volts. Only paid about 60 bucks custom fee. FedEx just billed me as they acted as my agent. I enjoyed paying 4K for a 9K us amp.Warranty? I dont think you would ever need service on an Accuphase amp. I have never seen such meticulous build quality on an amp. 

Better to buy used in the US IMO. Voltages are different, and these are heavy gear, anything could happen. Luxman at least is widely available in the used market. Accuphase, not so much.

Well I did bite the bullet so to speak, I did buy an Accuphase E280

NOT from Japan but a used US version should arrive today.

Appreciate all the input.