Buying from Parts Connexion

I'm based in the UK and very interested in buying valve tubes from Parts Connexion in Canada, anyone in the UK had any experience with this ? Thanks 
Parts Connexion has really upped their game by offering more items than ever at decent prices.

The one caveat I have with PC is they do not have a refund policy. You can only get something of equal value or another of the same item purchased.

This was a hard learned lesson for me. I will only deal with sellers that have return/refund policies such as, Brent Jessee. Choose wisely.
Definitive Audio UK are £2000 ,roughly $2760 usd
$1600 a pair in PartsConnexion. Sounds like it might be worth the 23% VAT and fees to import. You might call PC to see if they'll double box them.
I bought Cardas cables from them twice. No issues. Fast UPS shipping but I live in US. 
In the UK,  Living Voice, Takatsuki, Western Electric | 300B Valves | Definitive Audio

International purchase and shipping can be a PITA. Doubly so since C-19 insanity.

Parts Connexion are first class vendors.
I bought a new Furutech E-TP80 power conditioner from them.  I thought it was a special sale for $766.00 USD, but after I purchased it, I realized it was full retail.  I like the Furutech and use it in my office system,   I believe it arrived in 3-4 business days via UPS.  It's my fault for not checking around on price before I bought it.  Shame on me!