buying (NOS) tubes online

Hi All,

Schiit replacement tube prices seem to have skyrocketed recently..

Does anybody have experience (positive or negative) with Novik Tube Store (via eBay?

Looking for a Valhalla 2 set. [They were $40, now $120]





@cherbib  Andy is the best for nos tubes, I've never had a bad tube from him, can't say that for other tube sellers even if they have a good return policy it's still a hassle.

@cherbib Wrote:

Andy at You must talk with him though. Be patient and you will be rewarded. (616) 454-3467.

I agree! Very knowledgeable man.


Passionate, crazy catalogue of knowledge and history.  A true tube nerd in the highest sense.  And, he actually cares.  That alone makes him vintage.

I'm a big fan of Andy at Vintage Tube Services too, and have bought from many of the usual suspects. Most tubes that are marketed as NOS are not- they are old tubes, "pulls," that come out of other equipment. Finding true "never used" old tubes is a challenge. Brent is good and will stand behind his product- you should read his page on NOS as well. 

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