buying (NOS) tubes online

Hi All,

Schiit replacement tube prices seem to have skyrocketed recently..

Does anybody have experience (positive or negative) with Novik Tube Store (via eBay?

Looking for a Valhalla 2 set. [They were $40, now $120]





You just have to talk to Brent, either through emails or over the phone before paying. His website might say it is in stock but in fact it may be out of stock. And possibly the other way around. He usually replies to emails within one day, or even in a few hours. Feels honest and reliable.

A word of caution about his musical preferences. First, he states that Telefunken is his overall favourite brand. Then, in his opinion, some military grade Brimar sound as good as any Mullard. No. Not in my VAC. I still decided to keep them just in case as spares but could've returned for 80% refund.

Two words: Brent Jessee.

well, that was four, so, I have bought several pairs of 1940’s-era drivers (6SL7, 6SN7) and for the price, matching, insurance (optional) I couldn’t be happier. 

never called, just emailed. I figure he must be busy and I knew what I was looking for.

most eBay “closely matched pairs” seem matched by size/shape or model, specs on testers with10-20% tolerances when new/calibrated and the prices these days? Fugeddaboudit.

@inna - did you tell Brent what your musical preferences are and what sound you are looking for? He wants to sell you tubes based on YOUR musical preferences, not his - he's got a very large variety on hand -  if you've described correctly what you are looking for. 

Brent because Andy struggles to answer the phone…. IF i could stand a Michigan winter, i would go there to help him fill orders…..