Buying refurbished gear....

Welcome comments by those of you who have chosen this path. Also , anyone that has dealt with  Accessories4less please chime in . They seem to have some good prices. TIA


Just got an SVS 3000SB sub from clearance at Crutchfield.  "Scratch and dent" program.  Or just damaged manufacturer's box of a returned item.  I can find nothing wrong with it besides tattered box corners.  Full warranty.  Have had refurbished phones from my protection plan that were like new.

I bought a Bryston Optical Disk player that was “factory refreshed”.  Terrible outcome.  Never worked, had to pay shipping twice on both ends to send to Bryston for repair, now it resides in a landfill.

I’ve bought all my gear used, except for DACs where I buy a new one every four years or so ($1 - $2k budget).  Appreciate this may not be quite the same as “refurbished”

For McIntosh, I always work with the folks at Audio Classics, and for other things scan larger dealers to find what I am looking for that they may have from demo, etc. (I put together a nice 2nd rig this way)

Works for me

Good luck!

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 Thanks to all for responding. I am considering a CD player thru acc.4less. Authorized dealer, manufacturer re-furb and full warranty, not to mention very good price. Seems too good, thus my question. .Thanks again