Buying Speakers Based on Specs


Is it a good idea to buy a pair of speakers based on specification? Currently I have a pair of Paradigm Prestige 75F and I wish it had a little bit more bass. The frequency response is  44 Hz - 20 kHz.

I am eyeing the Spendor D7 which has a frequency response of  29Hz – 25kHz or the PMC Twenty5.24 with  frequency resp. of 27Hz - 25kHz. Based on the specs, these 2 speakers should give me more bass response, right?

I know, I know....audition the speakers in my home. But the problem the dealers in my city does not have in-home trials. 


There’s some value to the specs and likely the Spendors will go lower. But if you can get the dealer to set up the speakers to approximate your listening room as much as possible it will help. Also, see if there’s a return policy just in case. Last, don’t forget that new speakers take some time to break in. 
Not all manufacturers measure ,low-end extension with the same yardstick, so imo you can’t necessarily make an apples-to-apples comparison between different manufacturers based on specs unless you have a pretty good idea of how they arrived at those specs.

(One manufacturer may assume a generous amount of boundary reinforcement, for instance, while the other does not. One may simply have a more optimistic marketing department than the other. I compete in another market where one of my strongest competitors claims an octave more low-end extension than I do... he makes really good speakers, but our real-world low-end extension is virtually identical.)

In general, a larger speaker will either go deeper or be more efficient, or some combination of the two, assuming both have the same type of bass loading (both ported, for instance).

It may be a good idea to shop based on specs in your case, since you are looking at one specific spec in particular.

But that does not mean you should buy them based only on specs.

You could end up with a speaker that meets your criteria for that one spec, yet still sound bad in other areas.

Narrow your choices with specs, pic your purchase by what sounds best.
The size of your listening room and type of music you listen to has more to do with your perceived bass response than the specs. 
You might want to entertain the idea of finding a pair of subwoofers that will take care of the low end of things, if, in fact, you like everything else about your Paradigms.

Just a thought. Regards,