Buying Used Equipment on the Internet

Hello all, 

Had a question for the more experienced hi-fi enthusiasts here. I'm new to this hobby and currently still trying out new gear to see what I like. I was looking into trying out the Parasound Halo Hint 6 amplifier and found a used one through AudioMart. 

My question is: what advice would people have for buying used equipment online? The pricing is attractive but there's also no option for returns once the transaction goes through. What's to stop someone from offloading a lemon on to an unsuspecting buyer?




TMR does painless returns.

The only sure go for "friends and family' is '"on approval."

@aamiransari ,

I, restarted my audio journey 10 years ago, when I finally had some money to spend on a decent stereo. I found Audiogon and it’s marketplace, as well as US Audio Market.

I might have been lucky, but I have had good experiences with all my transactions.

Many sellers allowed me to audition the equipment before payment. Many were very interested in sharing knowledge/opinions. Some became friends.

So, if you are feeling hesitant, and I don’t blame you, try reaching out to sellers. If you can’t demo the equipment, at least call them and speak with them. If you know people, then you can get an idea of whether to trust them or not.(-Kinda like ’Spidey Sense’).

If this still sounds too dicey for you, then purchase used from established dealers like Music Room or Audioconnection, etc.



Another good place to look is an audio store local to me. The move a lot of used gear and have excellent deals. Echo Hifi

"The Music Room" Well known online retailer of new and used equipment.

Also, Music Direct often has open box (returned) and even used equipment.

Same with Upscale Audio in L.A.