Buying Used Speakers

Want to get the group's thoughts on buying used speakers.  The value proposition in many cases is compelling.  However, there is a pretty good element of risk as well, even from reputable Audiogon sellers.  What exactly does, "completely tested mean?"  Or "performs flawlessly?"  You don't in most cases get a warranty for starters and you're at the complete mercy of the adds and pics.  Some of the sellers are broker dealers (with stellar reputations), so do they even know how they were treated?  Prob not.   Let's face it - the vast majority of condition ratings are based on the cosmetics IMHO.  

Has anybody bought expensive speakers on AG or elsewhere?  What questions did you ask the seller to help ensure they're as sonically good as cosmetically?  Did you test them yourselves once you received them?  Any good lessons learned would be much appreciated as well.  I know for starters to get a complete  description of how they're going to ship them.  Thanks in advance!   


Used is the way to go, let someone else pay the inflated and or kerbside warranty prices. Have many plywood on pallet large heavy successful shipments under my belt. Pick up, pack, crate, ensured, by a local credited company is the way to go. Largest for me was a successful 4000 mile IRS Beta shipment. Of course shipping today like everything else…a cash grab. But I’d rather that to paying 10,000 for crappy speakers only to see the 50% devaluation in a year. 


Bought all my speakers used. EPI for got number two drivers firing on 45*angle, two firing forward total 4 in each cabnet early 1970ies, then my favorite  Snell C2 then canton 9k reference.

My practice read reviews of what's up for sale locally ( within driving distance) so  I can pre purchase listen and visually inspect and discuss with seller the  price and what if they prove defective options. Generally, I look for minimum 50% off new purchase price (depends on age however how much above below 50%). Never had a problem gear was as advertised. Only issue was with wife on the beautiful oak Snells she though they were too big and loud, so I only kept them two decades replaced them with the canton stand mounted and 2 svs sb 1000 subs all in black which had a bigger footprint then the Snell's. lol lesson learned for her domestic tranquility is a two-way street.

I would never buy used speakers without hearing them first. My current speakers were purchased as used, but only after listening at seller's home. My previous speakers were used as demos, which I purchased after hearing them at the dealer's establishment. Both transactions turned out as amazing deals, and loved both pairs for a long time.

Dear @cubbiesman  : Buy a speakeofless than 5 years old has almost no risk from a wellknow seller/good feedback customers and like with new cars that after the first  year his price is 50% down the new price.

With usedspeakers you can buy away better speakers that what you can afford for a new ones.


Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,


I would not trust FedEx,UPS to ship floorstanding  speakers no matter how nice the box is.

Light monitors have a better chance in a soft foam skeleton double boxed, dense foam can lead to issues. Heavy dense small boxes are prone to damage, heavy monitors or subwoofers are bad risky. If you can ask the seller to send pictures of packing process or boxes to be used might give a little reassurance.


Ive been buying on Audiogon for over 15 years and have never been ripped off. Knock on wood. Way back when no one was using PayPal it was all USPS money order. PayPal was used on eBay.


I find most people with good feedback are honest good people that will go out of there way to have a smooth transaction.