Buying used vs new speakers from a technology perspective

Do you believe a speaker's components like drivers and crossovers can become "outdated" for lack of a better word? For instance say someone is selling a pair of speakers that cost $10k in 2008 for $5k now. Comparing that speaker to a modern day $5k new speaker only looking at driver design/drivers, cabinet construction, crossover components/layout and other materials what kind of technology gap are we looking at? 

Have there been technologies or designs that have come out in the past few years that you couldn't live without after hearing? 




Pretty thoroughly answered yes. Many thoughtful answers from all sides. This will help me when purchasing new and/or used speakers in the upcoming future. Much appreciated guys! 

its all in the drivers working with each other   what freq's  sounds best from the drivers you use and how loud each driver is producing its best sound no over laping freq's as this is the cause of unclean sound    paper cones can degrade with time moisture and how hard they've been played  but possibly still sound great 

There has been really no improvement in the overall technology of speaker design in decades. What has been improved is the reliability and durability of the components used to make top quality speakers. As an example Quads have been around since 1956 and people loved them but they were notoriously unreliable and fragile. In the late 70s Acoustat developed the first bullet proof electrostatic speaker. You have to attack the speaker with a spear to damage it. Sound Labs took the concept even farther and they have been at their current performance level for some 20 years. 

For the past 15 years I’ve had a series of 2-way speakers in my 2.1 home office system, which I’ve continously upgraded.

Here’s a factor no one has mentioned: it may be harder to find among modern designs, a speaker configuration that was more commonly used in vintage speakers. In my case it’s sealed/acoustic suspension design. That sounds best by far in my limited-space system, and it’s much harder to find now than in the past.

I’m currently using a 35 year old pair of KEF 103.2 speakers: 2-way sealed passives with 8" woofer (bextrene surround, not susceptible to rot) and a silk dome tweeter. The previous owner replaced various capacitors in the crossover and bypassed the limiter circuit, which has more capacitors. These speakers are the best I’ve ever heard in my system (the 6th or 7th pair I’ve had).

In my experience, there are no hard and fast generalities about vintage vs new gear. When it comes to sound, trust what your ears tell you...