Buzz from mouse in speaker


I just registered here, because i am at my wits end, and hope someone has some insight. I have a buzzing sound in my speakers, which gets stronger when i move the mouse. 

My setup: 

Desktop computer - Mtrack Duo - Marantz 1530 stereo amplifier

The sound is a kind of high pitched buzzing static, which corresponds to activity on the computer, most notable mouse movement. I can also hear it at a low volume from the mobo itself, if i put my head in the computer with the speakers disconected.

It´s also transfered if i connect from the onboard motherboard audio card straight to the amp. I can however not hear it in a pair of headphones. Plugin into an active stage speaker greatly reduces the issue, to almost inaudible. 

Connecting another computer to the amp is trouble free. 

My best guess is that the source of the problem is coil whine from the motherboard. i have tried replacing the PSU to no effect. 

However i find it strange that the issue disapears when i connect to an active stage speaker. 

Does anyone have a sugestion for further troubleshooting or a solution?

Thanks in advance!


Thank you for your replys. Getting rid of the computer is sadly not an option, as i use it for music production and recording. 

Ihave tried moving the soundcard and amplifier as far off as possible, with no change. 

It is indeed an asus motherboard. However, i´m reluctant to replace it after replaceing the PSU to no avail. What makes me question is that i actually get rid of the interference when i connect my external soundcard to the active speaker instead of the amp. Any sugestions on how to troubleshoot this before investing in a new mobo?


I use Lenovo Q190 2012 model. It was made actually as a streamer, because it's DEAD quiet and has SSD to make it even more quiet. 

Recently installed W10, because W7 not in support anymore.


We've got some small booksized Lenovo PCs at work and they are also virtually silent.

My previous PC brought in 2004 was a Dell Dimension 8400 fitted with a Creative Audigy soundcard, and that was virtually silent too.

My current Asus PC from 2013 has an SSD, a quiet power supply and a low noise CPU fan, wireless keyboard and mouse, and so it's a shame that there doesn't seem to be any way of eliminating that headphone noise.

I intend to run W7 for as long as I can or until I can migrate to Linux. I use Windows 10 at work and can't say I'm a fan.

The noise is not terrible and many users wouldn't care but as we audiophiles understand, it's just not good. I suspect it is a motherboard interference issue as using the headphone jack on the back of the PC changes nothing.

As in the OPs case it is strange that the spurious sounds do change in volume and frequency without any obvious cause.

So perhaps someone with more knowledge of computer hardware could help identify the most likely possible causes here?


I don't think it's your mouse. I connected my mouse to the usb port on my streamer and heard no difference. 😉

Try using a USB isolator (like a Topping HS01) between your computer and the M-Track Duo.

You might be expecting too much from an audio interface that costs the same as a takeout dinner for two made with parts that costs the manufacturer the price of a jumbo fries. Try substituting with something better and send it back if it doesn’t help. Trying an audiophile DAC meant for playback (instead of an inexpensive audio interface from a music store) in your system, for example, costs nothing if you only use it to troubleshoot the problem. Or borrow one from a friend.

If it doesn’t fix the problem you can delve deeper into computer optimization (switching USB ports, disabling onboard audio on MB, changing mice (try wired, not wireless if you haven’t yet, USB isolator as mentioned above etc. etc) which is beyond the short answers that you will see here.