hi guys i have a slight buzz comming out of my speakers. if i use the cheater plug on the amp the buzz goes away from the tweater and stays in the mid range speaker . it is very low and it does not increase when i turn the volumn up or interfear with the sound quality. its driving me crazy only beacuase i cannot fix it. i called kevin from cary audio he said cheater plugs, i called the dealer where i bought my system. he said cheater plugs. i also have a satalite system an a home theater system. the house was wired by myself so there is no problem there. even when i turn every thing off the buzz is still there. the only thing i can think of is that its comming from my refridgerator. which is on the same line. if the satalite system is off but still plugged in would this matter. i only have the cheater plug on my amp . can i put cheater pluggs on the cd player and the pre amp. its sucks when you spend $600 per power cord and you have to put a 99 cent cheater plug please help.
Sounds like a serious ground problem Stang. Mondial makes a device(can't think of the name at the moment)that might fix your problem. Check out there web site. Good luck
i spoke to my friend who is an electrican he told me that he could probally fix it from the electrical box and change the ground. i just want to make sure it does not hurt my speakers. thanks for the infomation. its a very faint buzz the dealer told me its ok but it needs to be fixed. you know us audiofiles. every thing has to be perfect.