Buzzing in Speaker while Playing CDs

I have a Cambridge CXC CD transport connected to a Schiit MultiBit external DAC. Recently there developed a buzzing in the left-channel speaker ONLYwhen playing CDs. After a bit of sleuthing, I replaced the RCA cable from the transport to the DAC with a new optical cable. The problem was temporarily resolved. Several weeks later, the same buzzing reoccurred. This suggests to me that the cables between the transport & the DAC are not the issue; but rather the transport or the DAC. Since I do not have another transport nor another external DAC, I am at a loss in trying to isolate the source of the problem. Any suggestions that you might have would truly be appreciated. Thank you kindly.



What king of buzzing noise? Can you describe it?

You can run a simple test.
1. Take the left channel from your dac and feed the right channel on your amp/preamp with it. Does the buzzing follow the cable and is now in the right speaker?
2. Swap the channels again and feed the right channel from your DAC to the left input on amp or preamp.  Does the left speaker still buzz?

Easy to do. 

Possibilities…ground loop, speaker picks up interference (rfi, emi), crossover wires buzzing from the air and vibration, etc. Just speculating. Do the test let us know. 

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Thank you, danager & audphile1. Looks like I will have to postpone my diagnosing for a couple of weeks due to commitments. But I will definitely follow up on your suggestions & report back with my findings.

Thank you for your willingness to help. Talk with you soon.



I had buzzing from one of a pair of Thiels just from one fleet foxes track, on CD. Tightening the bolts securing the main driver cured it. The other was loose too but didn’t hit the right resonance to buzz. I even asked Thiel what the torque values should be but had no reply. (This was after Jim had died but while they were still trading) but received no reply so I had the guess.

Thank you, yeti42. As soon as I start diagnosing the problem, I will certainly check all connections, bolts, screws, etc. before assuming that there is an issue with the circuitry of the CD transport or the DAC.