BW 800 D3 Floor Speakers


I would greatly appreciate your advice on what monoblock amps to pair with Bowers and Wilkins 800 D3 speakers.  I have gotten several different suggestions (none overlapping) so wanted to ask a larger group of people.  Please don't respond just need to listen.  While this is sage advice it is not feasible where I live.  

I have gotten:
Classe 600
McIntosh 901
McIntosh 601
McIntosh 1.25k
Luxman 900
Rowland 735

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I have a A21 Parasound and really like the sound signature. When I upgrade I will be looking for the JC1s or JC5. Something slightly on the warm side may be a good match for the B&Ws as it looks like most of you current choices are. 
These B&W 800’s have a nasty load right though the bass
Sorry to not add anything to the thread, but I have a Q.

What does this mean, please?
I am powering my B&W 802D3's with a CODA 16. Save yourself the cost of monoblocks, it's not necessary. The CODA has enough current to power your neighborhood. I am not sure if there are any other amps on the market that outperform its capacitance rating. The bass response through my B&W's is insane. I have a cathedral size room to boot. Additionally, I have heard great things about Rotel's Michi line. During my search for an amp, my dealer stated that the Michi combination amp preamp outperforms the Luxman M's for 1/2 cost. He sells both brands.
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