C.E.C. or Mephisto II which one should I buy

Which one of these 2 superb transport would you choose and why???
I know these days all French product are not too apreciated in the U.S.A. We (canadian) saw yesterday night at the news some of your american fellow pouring expensive bootle of wine directly to the drain and I understand. But will some of you be able to give me an honest opinion about these two excellent product. I know also there is the Muse Model 8, but it dont have the 3500$+ look I am looking for. It look more like a 1000$ dollars drive and I dont really know about the sound. Is there someone lucky enough who had the chance to compared them, CEC TL1 and Mephisto II side by side?
I would go with the CEC.Not nearly as nice looking as the Mepisto,but a better transport,at least in my opinion.For a little more money the Audio Note CDT1 also is a good contender.