Cable advice

Looking for some opinions on cable mixing. I’ve read that all the cables should be the same brand and same line up to have a more cohesive sound. That does seem to make sense in my head but how important is that? Are you for mixing cables or are you strictly one brand one line and why? What has your experience been?




It's almost impossible to answer that question; it depends mostly on the cables and the synergy with the system. I have some cables that have a rather strong "flavor" to them; for example one that softens / warms up the sound. If I use just one between the preamp an the active crossover, it adds just enough warmth and depth; if I use it everywhere, it becomes too much, softening the top end and making the sound a bit slow and lacking dynamics. But some cables are close to perfection, if such thing exists, very transparent and neutral; with great electronics (which I don't have) it would probably make sense to use a full loom. I suspect the better the cable / the better the electronics, the more it makes sense to use a full loom of the same cable. In my case I need to play with cables to obtain the right balance.

I'm currently ordering some bulk cable that seems to be exceptional according to some friends of mine, and I will build a full loom because I wanna hear the cable in isolation; but it's impossible to know in advance if I will keep a full loom or if I'll have to mix it with my other cables. 

Power cables are something else and I would think that a full loom is probably not a good idea. All the power cables I have behave very differently from one electronic to another; they're all used where they sound best and swapping them around makes everything fall apart. So no, when it comes to power cables a full loom is not advisable in my opinion.

Also it depends on the architecture of the system. I can use a certain interconnect between DAC and preamp, then another between preamp and active crossover; but between active crossover and amplifiers I use the same cables everywhere. I wouldn't use a certain cable on the low-pass amp and a different one on the high-pass. Same for speaker cables: I always use the same on the high pass and on the low pass. I find that using different cables for different frequency bands damages the coherency of the sound. Because characteristics of a cable include not only tonal color but also energy and speed.