Cable Arrangement Suggestions

How do you arrange all your interconnects, power chords, and cables to avoid/minimize interferences? Cheap suggestions especially appreciated. I have a home theater set up with cables for AV receiver, DVD/CD, RPT, two powered Def Tech towers, extension chord (for the far left speaker and cable tv amplifier), a cable tv splitter w/cables to the VCR and tv, VCR, cassette, LD, minidisc, and will be adding a DAC shortly. I have Radio Shack RF blockers on all my power chords. Other suggestions you've found useful?
Jwong1, the best suggestion that I can offer is that the further you can keep your AC power cords from your signal and speaker cables, the happier you will be.
As a rule I try to keep all speaker cables away from each other and from all the other cabling.

Also, as Liguy says, I try to keep power cables away from the rest. If other cables must come close, I strictly avoid parallel runs but try to make them cross the powercables at right angles only.

Interconnects seem to be less problematic. If I have to use long runs, I tend to keep them close together, however strictly away from speaker- or power cables. Also, if I have synthetic rugs ( real wool does not seem to matter)
I try to keep all cables off the floor.
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Yes, I follow all of Delof's guidelines and will stress the importence of keeping the left and right speakers cables as far apart from each other as possible, even when they are close to the amp.
If you must cross power cables with inteconnects, do so at 90 degrees to each other. Keep the speaker cables away from the interconnects. I've been told that the interconnects are much more sensitive than speaker wire, because they send a low voltage signal, whereas speaker wire sends high current. Use longer runs of speaker cable as opposed to longer interconnects. Digital cables (optical and coax) keep them away from everything. If I have to move the audio rack I find it takes me a good hour or more to properly place each cable. The power cables are the worst to maneuver. I see by your post that you have a VCR. This little device is probably causing 80% of your clutter. It does for me. All the coax connections, audio, video, going into and out of the VCR cause limitless traffic jams back there. Personnaly, for home theater use I do not use the VCR anymore, so I moved it to another room. Not sure if you like that idea, but putting distance between your cables is really the best solution. Good luck.