Cable brands that work well with Cardas?

Are there any speaker cable brands that play nice with Cardas? 
I’m using Cardas Clear Reflection XLR’s and Clear Digital on my components. Top tier Cardas speaker cables are way out of my budget due to the length needed (14ft.) My current speaker cables are vintage Cardas Studio “C” which were made for the pro recording industry back in the 90’s. I have no complaints, I enjoy them immensely however I’d like to get a taste of newer cable. Budget is $800-$1K.



I went from Clear Beyond to Silversmith Fidelium and took a step up sound wise!

I have GR Research 16 strand cables on the output of my Mac MA5300 feeding B&W 705 S2's. Not considering upgrading them at all!

Update: I scored (literally) a set of Cardas Neutral Reference speaker cables and I’m surprised at how considerably better they are over my Studio C cables. Most noticeably with the weight, clarity and impact of the bass. I should be completely content but damn it, this has me wondering how much better things could get with Clear Reflection or Silversmiths. 🤔

@jl1ny you might be okay with those, not too bad at all, and circling back on other areas to mess with next. What ICs do you have from source(s) to pre/amp now?