Cable Break In for the Naysayers

I still cannot believe that in this stage of Audio history there are still many who claim cable break in is imagined. They even go so far as claim it is our ears that break in to the new sound. Providing many studies in the way of scientific testing. Sigh...

I noticed such a recent discussion on the What’s Best Forum. So here is my response.

______________________________________________________________________________________________ I just experienced cable break in again firsthand. 10 Days ago, I bought a new set of the AudioQuest Thunderbird XLR 2M interconnects.

First impression, they sounded good, but then after about 30 hours of usage the music started sounding very closed in and with limited high frequencies. This continued until about 130 hours of music play time.

Then at this time, the cables started to open up and began to sound better and better each passing hour. I knew at the beginning they would come around because they sounded ok at first until the break in process started. But now they have way surpassed that original sound.

Now the soundstage has become huge with fantastic frequency extensions. Very pleased with the results. Scientifically I guess we can’t prove cable break in is real, but with good equipment, good ears, it is clearly a real event.



Nevermind I see in the previous thread where it shorted from your cable to the Rel.

I can see that happening easily. I moved my Sub cabling to the speaker end for less congestion. 

It is no problem when you don’t agree with my topic, but if you can, flesh it out with more details as to why you feel that way, it would be helpful.


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I think science has also proved that different people hear the SAME sound differently. No need to be subjective any more. The below is just one of the links. There are other scientific articles on similar vein.

So it is fortunate that some people can distinguish even minute changes while others cannot. Unfortunately both camps are into hi-fi and the group that cannot distinguish changes claim that there are no differences.

The best we can do is to ignore naysayers and enjoy this hobby.

Same Old Song May Sound Different To Individuals

I remember the phase that "if we can't measure it, it can't be real".

However, perhaps we do not have the proper equipment to measure it.