Cable Choices - TEO, Cerious Tech, Amadi, Audio Sensibility, etc

So I am in the process of looking to finalize some cables for the system I am setting up.  
There are an overwhelming set of choices in my price range, which is ~$500 for interconnects, and ~$1000 for speaker cable (likely custom sized due to offset media center ~5ft, and 12ft)

My goal is to have cables that don't take away from the sound in any way, but instead allows the music to feel real with soundstage, depth, and tone. 

I have looked through so many forum pages about different brands, boutique makers, etc trying to make a decision on which direction to go. 

Just a couple that have sparked my interested:
TEO - Game changer ICs
Cerious Technologies - Graphene Extreme SC and ICs
Amadi Cables - Maddie Signature line of IC and SC
Audio Sensibility - Statement and testament lines
Grover Huffmans IC and SC
Clear Day - double shotgun SC

Lot of positive reviews on all of them. 
From what I gather a lot of people seem to really enjoy the TEO GC for an RCA interconnect. 
For SC, I was leaning towards checking out the Cerious Tech Graphene Extreme. 

Unfortunately, at this point, it seems I have to go RCA over XLR given my amp is a Primaluna Dialogue HP only accepts RCA. 

Hoping the hive mind may help guide my initial purchases.
Thoughts, comparisons, first hand experience, and additional options would certainly be appreciated.

Currently the modest gear I've collected seems relatively capable of highlighting the subtle differences between cables.  I have already gone through a couple popular, cheaper options and appreciated all the difference between them. Currently using Signal Cable Co Silver resolution line of SC and ICs.

I enjoy the high extension of the Signal Cable Silver Res, but they are definitely a touch on the brighter side in my setup and tastes. 


Associated Gear:
Tekton Design Double Impact loudspeakers
Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP - currently using EL34 and Cifte 12Au7 (KT150 and Mullard 12au7 on order)
Mytek Brooklyn DAC 
Mac Mini for digital and Tidal streaming
Marantz AV7702 for video monitor and surround processing
Project Debut Carbon w/ Audio Technica AT440MLB stylus

Current cables - Signal Cable Co Silver Resolution RCA and Speaker Cable

 Thanks crew
From what I have read about the Signal Cable Co Silver Resolution cables, they seem to be silver plated copper, true?

My experiences with silver plated copper are not good. They can be very revealing, yet hard and edgy.

I have had more luck with pure silver, like Amadi and Audio Sensibility Statement Silver. IMHO, pure silver is still revealing, but not as edgy or grainy as silver clad copper.
Audio Sensibility Statement Copper would probably be a bit warmer and fuller sounding, but I have not heard any Audio Sensibility cables.

Of those that you list, I have owned the Cerious Technologies Graphene Extreme and Amadi Maddie Signature interconnects. In my system, to my tastes, I preferred the Amadi cables. They were higher resolution and more articulate.
The CT GE were fuller and warmer sounding, if that is what you want/need.

From what I have gleaned from the Teo cables, they also seem to provide a richer, more musical sound. This is fine if this is what you are looking for.

Many of these manufacturers offer trial periods. Perhaps you can try them for yourself, and see which cable works best for you.
Because what works best for someone else, may not necessarily be what works best for you, and vice versa.

Have fun!
I will go with the high fidelity Reveal , Teo GC , and CT speaker cables....and CT ic...
Check out Audio Art cables.  Excellent cables and good prices.  I have bought from them before and I am one very satisfied customer.
I have owned the clear day double shotguns and now have the Cerious Tech Graphene Extreme speaker cables. The CT cables are by far superior in every way and I'm using them with my Tekton Double Impacts. I also have the CT and Teo IC's and I have give the advantage to the Teo.
Excellent.  I will take those as strong recommendations for the CT speaker cable and the TEO ICs given you are also driving Double Impacts. 
I have owned Morrow, Darwin, and Amadi ICs most recently.  The better Darwins and Amadi cables were considerably better sounding in my system.  Only looked to change when a couple of audio buddies came over bringing with them a couple of very favorably reviewed ICs--HT with the magnets, Teo GCs, and JW Reference ICs.  I had previously bought Cerious Technolgies Graphene Extreme SCs and jumpers to run to my VMPS RM 40 ribbon speakers.  My only real complaint I was trying to improve upon was although the system sounded very articulate and transparent,  I felt the system was slightly light in the bass power in comparison to the mids and highs, thus a tad thin sounding.  The overall impression was there not enough organic, textural sound as though sounds disappeared too fast at times.  The CTGE speaker cables definitely helped improve these areas.  The Teo GC ICs that were already broken in when I got to hear them, made my system come to life in that everything sounded so real and organic.  I tried 2 sets of GCs, with the second one going from my preamp to power amp--the first one went from my CD player to my preamp.  I liked the sound, but my friend substituted the JW Reference for the cable going from the pre to power amp.  That one changed the sound slightly towards having more sharp attack and the decay was still very nice.  It was a great combo of cables at that point.  Thanks Bob and Scott.

The Teo GC is an awesome IC.  I used the second one I later bought to run from my Whest phono to the TRL DUDE preamp.  It was also a very nice improvement.  With the combo of these cables, the sound now has real grunt in the bass, the soundstage is deep and clear, not spotlit, and the transparency and clarity is still world class.  I am a VERY satisfied owner and my cable quest is over.  That's not the first time I've said that, however.  At the money I've spent on the system, I don't think any component change is going to do much to change my thinking.  I still haven't gone the rout of swapping Synergistic Research Black fuses for the cheap standard fuses in any component.  So there is possibility to improve the overall sound for the better without altering the overall blend of sound and the actual sound of real live instruments at a future date.  

The rest of my system is:
Modwright Sony 5400 Signature Truth 
Nuforce Reference 9 V3 SE monos
Modified Lenco TT
Trans-Fi Terminator
Benz Micro Ruby 3
Core Technologies CT-150 PC
TRL Silver PC
Star Sound Sistrum SP-101 rack
Star Sound Sistrum SP-101 platforms (for speakers)
RTS couplers 
Synergistic Research PHTs
Amadi Phil Reference PC
Wywires Juice II PCs
Maestro outlets
Synergistic Research QLS-6 strip
Synergistic Research Graphene panels and dots
Amadi Maddie Signature ICs
Harmon-Kardon TD-120 cassette
Whest RDT 3.0 SE

+1. Great gear/cabling selections. Thanks for the lucid feedback on cable comparisons. :) 

Teo Audio also has speaker cables made from the same technology as their ICs.

But at ~$11,000 for 3m, they require you to have very deep pockets!

Re-configuring my components and if anyone is looking for some Teo Splash Rs 1.5M, send me a PM