Cable comparison charts?

I see 18 interconnect  Audioquest cables, I see 8 different IC Cardas cables.  Are there any charts showing the differences between the cables without going through each spec sheet one by one?  Am I missing something or are they making it hard on purpose?

i have to say the idea of using printed specs to select a cable seems silly to me

to each their own...

...but cables' sound is probably the hardest to quantify or characterize using ’specs’

really must audition at home in the system in question, otherwise it is really a crap shoot

you may think you know... but you really don’t -- nothing replaces listening
Oh I totally agree you must listen.  I just want to see how the cable's construction changes as price sky rockets.  I also wanted to compare construction between manufactures.  Sorry, it's the engineer in me.
other thing i would add is that while very expensive cables may well provide some benefit, in general, i would say the degree/extent of benefit usually makes it the least cost effective upgrade (relative to a change in an actual component - source, amp, speaker)

obviously, if you have the money to burn, want that last .01% of improvement given that you have absolutely maxed out the SQ produced by your rig, then, by all means, go for it

after all we can't take the money with us when we kick the bucket

but from a value for money perspective, i am most leery of claims of super expensive super exotic cables ... the bs meter in me toggles 'on'
Why do people think they can measure everything, I  don't think we even measure the charge that we use, instead we measure the current and voltage of ac power which is the medium not what we actually use, so we don't know how to measure everything involved. There's probably a lot more to a music signal than we understand. We don't even know what gravity is made, and we have probably been studying it a lot longer than an ac music wave.