Cable curmudgeon

I'm not an 'audiophile" but I like to think I have a good ear having been a professional musician (principal wind player in major symphony orchestras) for 50 years. A number of years ago going into an excellent audio equipment store I talked with, what seemed, a knowledgeable salesman.  Being a musician experienced in audio systems but not expert on all the equipment out there I had some questions concerning high (over-priced?) end cables. The salesman assured there was an audible differencet in a demo room switching back and forth etc.  After a few minutes I noticed the sound coming out of only one channel.  He complemented me on my "good ear."  Hmmm? A few years later when setting up my home system I investigated speaker cables. Two sets of Monster, stranded standard cable, solid core copper (used for alarm system) attached with like connecters. There was a difference.  However, not in terms of better or worse: bass and treble were acceptable as was clarity loud and soft.  Differences were esthetic- like asking "whose the best tenor" (I like Plácido).  Now I know as a musician used to live (i.e. un-amplified) music that all I hear coming out of a loud speaker is perforce ersatz.  But most everything today comes out of a loud speaker whether a rock concert or a hi-fi system so perhaps my opinion is curmudgeonly. But, for me, spending oodles of money on hyped cables, well... I  liked the solid core for my alarm system- still do.


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In my younger days, I spent many of long nights of practice and most weekends on stage doing gigs with our local rock band to earn extra money. We set up and mixed all our own equipment and at the end of a three hour show we had to tear down and haul many miles back to home. On top of all the work involved I’d say we had quite a good understanding and appreciation of music, how it should sound and how, back then, it was produced.

I did not follow a music career but do have a great deal of respect for those who did. I’ve been an audio enthusiast for more than 35 years now and have had and enjoyed with others who have had some very nice audio equipment and spent many a long night auditioning audio equipment, including cables and cords and mostly enjoying the music.

In short I appreciate the opinions of those who make the music and the opinions and shared views with some fine audiophile friends I’ve had over the years.

Sorry if what I said irritates you, but the best guitarist, flutist, cellist or any other musician on the planet could teach you nothing as long as you have the idea that he/she really doesn’t know what music should sound like.

You have a lot to learn Grasshopper.

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@jhills Well Said

'Myself and most others here found no fault with his thread, profession or opinion. And hold in great regard those who have dedicated their lives to making and producing the music we claim to love and whether or not we always agree at least respect and value their opinion'.

The OP has shared on experiences encountered and their assessment of the  impression made, this is their unique evaluation as there has been no other individual on this forum present at any of the experiences referred to.

As equipment is fundamental to Music Replays, the experiencing equipment runs parallel with this, the more extended these experiences, through received demonstrations, will without doubt, train ones listening abilities, to the point where it able to distinguish changes in a presentation or SQ, as well as allow for a individual to decipher where there most satisfying listening experiences is to be found.

Being a HiFi enthusiast as a ' Lone, in room only participation', is an approach that is quite insular, and can prove to be a method that deprives an individual from expanding on their training to learn where improved presentation and SQ is able to be created through equipment or utilising ancillaries, it is certainly a method that can deprive one of achieving their highest levels of Satisfaction from a music replay. 

The OP might only be one or two new experiences away from an experience, that could encourage them to re-evaluate some of their prior assessments, for myself, to take part in new experiences, is where the 'pleasure' is on offer is to be found, it manifests from encountering and being demonstrated unfamiliar equipment.

If enthusiasm is part of the approach to such experiences, which I seem to have in abundance, then this is where the 'fun' begins. 

When such experiences being encountered, are able to influence and be an aspiration to achieve in ones own system, which is what I have been met with on occasion, then this is where the 'satisfaction' is to be found.

' Satisfaction' can be a variety of outcomes, for myself, the best is when a New Friendship is formed, as the result of the taking the time to meet with others and expose oneself to another's ideas for their Systems set up, it is extra special when be introduced to items that others have become 'wed to' and are rated as being the items that proved to be game changers.

Following this is the knowing something has occurred with an outcome that has has a meaningful and positive effect, a very good or even indelible impression has occurred, in relation to experiencing new items of equipment or ancillaries.

To occasionally encounter items that are impressive, and are able to compel one into placing it on the curiosity radar, creating an intention for it to be brought in for further evaluation in the home system, is how my experiences of encountering new equipment and ancillaries seems to be the fuel that keeps myself consistently involved. 

What I am sure of is that not all with an interest in HiFi attain a place where they have become experienced enthusiasts with a broad range of experiences and a  trained ear, but this does not matter, as enjoying musical replays are very achievable without developing knowledge through increased experiences.

Between all enthusiasts, there is not one assembled system that is alike, each user of a system will have produced a System that is either functioning or reliable, that fits into another's design for the home decor', or the the alternative to this method,   that is to produce a system that is unique to their preferences, how it looks aesthetically is not of a real concern, the goal is for it to be presenting in a manner that  is sympathetic the their sensitivities, without presenting to much of a gaze on the areas within a replay that they sense as being unattractive and not a match for their likes.

'It really is each to their own' and accept others descriptions in relation to the experiences that have been encountered.

Change of viewpoints is always going to be occurring, especially as a result of changes to experiences being encountered, and forums would not have hardly any OP's to respond to, if new making it known that new experiences are being considered, was not the main line of inquiries