Cable elevators

Hi fellow AG'rs. I seeking advice regarding recommendations for flat/ribbon cable supports. i.e (for Nordost flat speaker cables). Any recommendations? Thanks for your responses in advance.
but I can see that static electricity in carpet, the same they builds up from walking on it and shocks you when you touch a light switch, could possibly have some effect."

could possibly is not the same as "does"

the problem is that most audiophiles don't understand electronics, much less how equipment is designed

escalators - yes!!
WOW! I am really jealous of your guys’s hearing abilities.

I have tried elevating my nordost ribbon cables as well,  about three inches above my cheap carpet non-coiled and I hear zero difference.

But like another poster I leave them there to amuse visitors and it’s a conversation starter.

I might try some of the ideas mentioned here for Aesthetics, but no way would I actually pay for something I can’t hear. And I’m 43 with good hearing! LOL
Try the thick black foam that is used to insulate 3/4" or 1" copper pipes. The stuff I get is usually ~ 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" thick, so the OD of the insulation is about 3 1/2" to 4". I cut it to the length / height I want and viola, instant cable elevators.
Not nearly as nice as the ESD Cable Elevators (which I also have) but for a few dollars - they can't be beat!
I recently made some from a long 3" x 3" Elm plank. cut V groves along the length, then cut the thing into 3" blocks. I hear absolutely no difference, but they really do tidy things up nicely, and for that alone, it was worth the effort.