Cable elevators

My Saturday hifi tweaking involved digging out the family’s box of wooden building blocks and using them to elevate my speaker cables off the floor. Previously under an area carpet on a wood floor. Mc 601s to SF Amati with Wireworld speaker cables (to be replaced with Cardas). 

The result—mind you the system is playing really well right now thanks to my new Cardas interconnects—is greater clarity (I think), sound stage, and texture. This is definitely about wringing out the last ounce of the system and maybe I’m imagining the improvement. I don’t think I’d spend any money on buying risers, but what the hell why not use the old building block. Looks dopey and the family laughs at me, but dang does the system sound amazing.

Anyone else play with risers/elevators?


I listen a day and then go back to the original to try to confirm a minor change.

Each riser I have tried made the bass too lean and some of them introduced a glare in the treble.  The risers I tried were all household objects like wood blocks, cardboard tubes, 3 sticks arranged like a teepee, foam, etc.  Maybe if I had spent $1500 on them I would have reacted differently, but at this point I am quite content to leave my cables on the carpet.  No risers for me thank you.  

I use risers in main system, on hard wood floor...mostly free ones or super inexpensive...I like the sound a little better, but no enough to use them in secondary systems...all my friends who have carpet, I always have preferred risers for their cables...