Cable Elevators - What do you use?

In the search for cable elevators I have found a wide variety of opinions, not only on what constitutes a scientifically smart elevator, but also, those who think it is all snake oil.

I use inverted yogurt cups spray painted flat black for maximum WAF on the speaker cables - should I be using them on power cables as well?

What do you use, or . . . .why not?
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Elizabeth, you can get the Llama hair from Napoloean Dynamite. He lives in Idaho. If you can't get a hold of him, check with his brother Kip (he's usually surfing the web for ladies, he may find you). The packing tape rolls you can probably score from Uncle Rico.

I use beer/soda cuzzi's. They made no difference in the sound. No money lost though. I personally think some of these tweaks go a little too far. Or maybe my system isn't at the quality level to realize such tweaks.
I'm considering using bundles of helium ballons tied to my cables. I was thinking of getting them after birthday parties and such, pretty cheap. Forgive me for the levity.