Cable Evolution

This thread I have not seen so far.
Share what cables you own along with their prices

Mine are:
HiDiamond $2000
High Fidelity cable $20000
In my case: $3.00 - $3000.00.

From Philmore to Bon Vivant cables in 40 years time. WOW! About 25 other types/brands between those years. LOL.
The aggregate of cables I've had and now own pale in comparison.
Back to my gelato for sustenance.
I actually use the same cables for 20+ years....Yamamura cables.....had tried many, many, many and always got back to Yamamura...
I have about $25,000 into my speaker cables. I bought a spool of Monster's finest, and then went to Antarctica and hand cryoed them myself. The results are stunning. I'm planning another trip to do my IC's.