Cable Fetish: Exotic, Warm and Romantic

Hello Everyone. I am soon to complete my latest system which is a combination of vintagey high end with SACD: Sony SCD1, Audio Research SP-11, Mark Levinson 23.5 and factory fresh Magneplanar Tympani IVas. Since about 1980, I have had an old pair of Monster M-1 and M-1000 which have sounded OK with several different systems including Maggies, Apogees and Martin Logans. Some cable gurus have said they are just fine, apparently this was one of the early products and designed by Bruce Brisson. However, I am wondering if I might be hopelessly out of date? If so, could anyone please recommend something for my "new" (old) system that would be exotic warm and romantic that I could buy used on Audiogon for a reasonable price. While I don't want muddy bass etc., all I really really care about is glorious midrange and a lack of glare and fatigue. Beautiful exotic construction would also be a plus. Thank you and best wishes.
I absolutely agree with Newbee, the Cardas or Purist Audio would be the ticket. Both will provide extremely clean and neutral to warm tonal balance.
I like my TransParent Music Link Plus cables...certainly NOT TransParent's top of the line, and I would actually like to hear some feedback on them, as well as an A/B with Cardas Cables. You can get them used for $150...might be worth a try.
cwlondon: dump the monsterware and listen to tara. cardas is colored and, to my ears, fatiguing. tara, being neutral, will bring out the warmth you should already expect with your "throwback" components. :o) -kelly
Try the Mapleshade Double HElix interconnects. They are very tweeky and exotic, and don't LOOK like they should be expensive, but they blow away the Cardas whatevers in depth of soundstage, tonal sweetness, liveness, and shear presence. If you have very revealing equipment, like your planar speakers, you will be very pleasantly surprized. Brian
If you can find them, Stealth CWS Signature. Gold plated 4n silver cables that are smooth, detailed, and holographic.
Cwlondon- Do you see a patern here? I do. Everyone likes what they have! SURPRISE! The best advice I can give is listen to everything you can(in home is the best), no two people can agree on what cables to use.
tim: NOW you're becoming observant. so, have you reached legal drinking age yet? :o) -kelly
In a few months ;) thanks for checking up

fwiw while I type this I am enjoying a nice glass of Evan Williams Bourbon(w/ a little mineral water) poured from my Lenox crystal decanter into reidel glassware. So yea I think I hold my own for my age.

BTW How does the senior citizen discount work at high end audio dealers? like 10% off?
Tim, do yourself a favor and subsitute Jim Beam Black for that Evan Williams!!!!!:-)
If you have access to them, listen long and attentively to Luminous Audio Technology (Richmond, VA) Synchestra Signatures ( They're 6'9s continuous cast OFHC. I dropped my NBS for these. Much less money and overall, a most audible improvement, IMO. Demos may be available from LATwire's Tim Stinson or John Reece of Esoteric Audio, in Richmond.
Exotic, warm and romantic? Sure you are posting on the right board??? This would be a colored cable. Most seek accuracy. Often, the software is not as good as we would like and our higher resolving systems show it. Look for a cable noted for rolling off the highs and a bit slow. Stay away from pure silver and silver plated copper. Perhaps a past offering by transparent or MIT??
One of the most exotic,warm and romantic cables is the Stealth Premier.They have a set on auction now.Compared to Cardas golden cross sonically but at a fraction of the cost.Highly recommended.