Cable for my amp.


how do i find out whether my amp takes 15A or 20A power cables??

I have a Mark Levinson 27
20amp IEC connectors are rectangle, 15amp are sort of triangle with one corner flatten off. Look at the shape of the opening where the power cord is connected to your amp will give the answer. 15amp IEC connector will not fit into a 20amp.
Do a Google image search for: Hubbell 20 amp IEC, you'll see what it looks like.

Good Luck
First, to answer your question, the ML 27 takes 15A (smaller truncated) IEC connectors. I'm pretty sure all ML amps do, even the new models.

A somewhat associated issue, which has come up before has to do with whether or not certain aftermarket PCs can be called 20A cords if they only have 15A IEC connectors, even if they have 20A AC plugs on the other end and are made from 10AWG (or larger) conductors.

I think the answer is "no" and I'm sure Underwriters Laboratory would think so. Though there is nothing illegal about making a PC with "20A -sized" conductors and 15A plugs on each end, it's not a 20A cord unless it has 20A plugs on each end as well.
thx guys.

would a 10A plug fit into my 15A amp??

cos i found a power cable with 10A connector at a good deal, and i looked at the plug, which looks very similar to my 15A plug, just has a "notch" a the bottom??

pls advice. thx