Cable Influences: IC SpeakerCables Power Cord?

I recently upgraded my speaker cables from Audioquest Slate biwire to Acoustic Zen Hologram II biwire. (one of the audiogoner's favorites) in search of hugh increase in transpareny. ($200 cable to $1100 cable). The improvements are mainly in the following area: speed, tiny details and a more extended treble. I started hearing nuances in the background and instrument that I have not noticed before. Each individual instrument is more distinct and the treble has more snap. Remarkably, the overall presentation & tonal balance of the music did not change at all. I feel that this is a small step forward but probably not worth $600 (used). Does interconnects exert a bigger influence generally and power cables are even less significant? I know this is system dependent but I am asking this if this is generally true?
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After toying with over 100 cables in the past few years, I'm done with cabling.
Think of it this way: from source to preamp to amp to speakers
your signal gets amplify to a greater degree prior to amp. Therefore, any small flaw will show up 1000 times greater when it pass through the amp.
Based on the above, you then ask yourself if IC is more critical or speaker wires?
As far as power cord goes, clean power and larger bandwidth is always more desireable. Too much filtering might also trim off some signals and reduces speed.

The "bigger" difference is all depends on how well your component match with each other.

i.e. If you have a $50 apex dvd player as your source then a $5000 IC will not do the magic.
or If you have a $10000 cd player with $300 integrated amp, the $10000 cabling will not do much good either.

There is no definite answer of what will make a bigger difference.
S234chang is dead on right about component matching.

If your components do not match, no matter what cables you use, you are not going to get good performance from a poorly matched system.

Because I am in the industry, I do not make specific product recommendations in open public forums.

My best advice is try before you buy (AC cords or anything else for that matter). Do as much research as you can. Money does not always translate into sonics. However, this does not mean the best sonics can be obtained with a $50 AC cord. The cheapest reference level AC cord I have found runs around about $600 retail. And frankly, I think that it performs generally as good or better than anything I have tried at any price point.

$600 may sound like a lot for an AC cord, but some companies are trying to get upwards of $2k-3k retail for their cords. Tireguy knows what I am talking about.

There are AC cords under $600 retail that are good. I have not tried them all. There could be one out there that is reference level. I have looked hard, but have yet to find it.

Since my first cables upgrades I've known that good ICs will usually produce graeter improvement in a system than good SCs. More recently, I found that PCs are even more important and produce a greater improvement than ICs. No component will perform to its potential with dirty power. A reasonablely priced? PC that I like is the Audience powerChord; $379 for six feet, $321 for three feet. But, consider using a digital PC on any digital component.
I would recommend you audition Chris VenHaus' PC's. Excellent cables and sound at a very reasonable price. HIs Flavor 4 cyro'ed's are stunning.