Cable recommandations


Im interested in a recommendation on speaker cables new or used. My budget is is 1500. Here is what I have:

Don Sachs preamp, Don Sachs amp, Tekton Double Impacts, Mytek Brooklyn DAC II+. Bluesound Node, DIY silver speaker cable, DIY interconnects and power cord. Shuguang black treasure tubes on amp and preamp, Brimar rectifier.






Well you have to ask yourself what do you want more. Since you DIY you interconnect and HP cables, you know what you have, hence the fist step is done.

Next, ask your self, do you want more base or more highs? Larger diameter conductors in the cables will give you more base and smaller diameter conductors will give you more highs. 

If you want more details and "speed" or attack you should search for a cables with more air in the dielectric and around the conductors of the cable.


@hausera - since you appear to be into DIY, take a look at this site

My Audio Alchemy (

The cables are excellent performers - fast and detailed with exceptoinal imaging.

Regards - Steve




Years Assembling my own speaker wires. As follows.. pure copper, silver coated, twisted, hi strand count, 10 gauge. All ends quality, securely fastened heat shrink etc.
Hi Quality cable can be found for a reasonable dollar and with little effort can save you incredible money for the same results. One doesn’t have to be a part of Litton industries to separate burned in type BS from engineered science.
Enjoy the hobby and your music, laugh tactfully and appropriately Lol.


Lets put cables in perspective


Speaker choice, speaker location in your room and room impact represent at least 80% or more of what you hear.

Your music source materials ie CD's,  Records, streaming etc would be next and then your equipment used for the above sources would be next.

That leaves very little room for the impact of any cable.

High end cables were created to solve a problem predominately random RF signals from all other electronics you have in your home. RF signals can cause you hearing  increased noise levels from your speakers

having said the above do I believe you COULD hear a difference in interconnects, but that difference should be explored after everything else has been maximized in your system first 

I myself have found copper based multi strand wire braided worked best for my speakers, second shielded and grounded power cords for amps, preamps and computers seemed to reduce noise.


Just FYI my most expensive cable, USB, RCA, power cord was found on Amazon for less than $37.00


Hope this helps, and remember just enjoy listening to the music


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