Cable recommendation

I am looking for a good balanced cable to rub between a Meridian 508.20 and and ARC LS-15 preamp. Other equipment includes a LLano A-100 amp and Totem Model 1 speakers. Currently I am using Purist Audio Design HDI between the CD and the Pre but I would like to take advantage of the balanced connections available on both the CD ad the LS-15. The cable between the preamp and power amp is Purist Audio Design Maximus (also balanced). Would it be best to stay with the PAD brand? Swap for HDI balanced?...or look at another brand. I (like everybody else) am looking for a smooth yet detailed presentation. Thanks Randy
you might want to consider the rsc or ism lines from tara labs....excellent balance between musicality and detail from them usually.
I've recently auditioned Cardas, AlphaCore (Goertz) and Nordost. The latter two are flat cables. Prior to trying the Nordost, I thought the AlphaCore's were quite an improvement over my MIT's. However, after trying the Nordost, there're so far my favorite. Nordost's high end line, in order of cost, consists of Blue Heaven, Red Dawn and their expensive reference, SPM. Each was an improvement over the other, but all were very transparent, quick and quite uncolored. Spatial information and subtleties (i.e., the recording environment, studio or hall etc.) were more evident with these cables then others I've tried and as cost increased so did imaging and depth. However, all (3) were very good -- give Nordost a try before you buy. My equipment: Wadia directly coupled to Mark Levinson with Martin Logan reQuests.