cable recommendations

I just took the plunge I bought my first proper 2-channel system, which consists of a pair of VTL MB-450 tube monoblocks, VTL 5.5 preamp and Dynaudio C1 speakers. The only things missing from my system are cables and better front end (I currently a Technics SL-1200 going into a Cambridge Audio 640p phono preamp, and a Squeezebox for my digital stuff).

I listen to a variety of styles of music, so I guess I'm looking for a speaker cable that's pretty neutral (since I'm guessing the VTL amps in triode mode will color the sound a bit anyway). I'm currently thinking of using Nordost Red Dawn for speaker and balanced connection between pre and power amp. For source interconnects I'm thinking either Red Dawn or Cardas Cross.

Thanks for all the responses. I initially considered getting something from Blue Jean Cable since they seem to be a quality cable for the money. But then I thought that since I already invested quite a bit of money in amps and speakers I might as well getting some of good quality to get as much as I can out of the system, which is why I came on this forum to ask around.

Thanks again, I will look into those suggestions.
If you haven't tried the red dawn cables you should. I tried them several years ago and thought they had a very steely bleached out sound and that was with a pass labs amp and veinna accoustic speakers both considered to be on the warm side.
In addition to Signal Cable or Blue Jeans Cable you may consider Canare Star Quad 4S11 available as DIY or assembled from These are all good cables that give a more neutral signature.

Many of those "expensive" cables are more apt to give their own sonic signature.

p.s. very nice system you have going - congrats!
Suggest checking out Clear Day Cables - very reasonably priced and amazingly good sound - no emphasis on one spectrum over another - much better than Signal Cable Ultra Bi Wires I had and enjoyed - 30 day monet back guarantee - I am not affiliated , just a very satisfied recent customer
Consider Pure Note new or used. Much better than Red Dawns or Cardas Cross. Trial period makes it a "no brainer."