cable recommendations

I just took the plunge I bought my first proper 2-channel system, which consists of a pair of VTL MB-450 tube monoblocks, VTL 5.5 preamp and Dynaudio C1 speakers. The only things missing from my system are cables and better front end (I currently a Technics SL-1200 going into a Cambridge Audio 640p phono preamp, and a Squeezebox for my digital stuff).

I listen to a variety of styles of music, so I guess I'm looking for a speaker cable that's pretty neutral (since I'm guessing the VTL amps in triode mode will color the sound a bit anyway). I'm currently thinking of using Nordost Red Dawn for speaker and balanced connection between pre and power amp. For source interconnects I'm thinking either Red Dawn or Cardas Cross.

Consider Pure Note new or used. Much better than Red Dawns or Cardas Cross. Trial period makes it a "no brainer."
I have heard those amps and Dynaudio speakers work well using either Shunyata or Harmonic Tech wires at a local hi fi dealer.
I think that silver cables are a nice match with systems with tubes. I've personally found that silver in my systems have brought out the best synergy with my tube components.
CongratÂ’s, you have some great gear.

Crimson is a little heard of English company with only one or two US distributers, but the cable is first class. They'll blow you away... Turned my Special 25's into a whole new speaker. Great speed, very detailed top to bottom, they sound great with tube gear... Use them throughout. They need to break in for about 50 hours but OMG.
Thanks for all the recommendations. I actually decided to try out the Grover Hoffman cables and with his 60 day return policy if it doesn't work I'll come back to this thread to look into some of the other cables mentioned.