Cable recommendations/Spendor

Can any fellow Spendor owners tell me what cables they are using with their speakers, and how they work? Thanks,

any opinions about the Witch Hat Phantom speaker cables vs the Duelund Dual DCA12GA, and 16 GA cables with Naim amps? 

my experience is that cables are dependent on the amp, not the speakers.

What are you using now, and what improvements/sound characteristics are you looking for?

As a Spendor Classic owner for 24 years, all you need is simple 12g twisted copper; bare ends are fine. I drive my 1/2Es with Quicksilver M120 monoblocs and Audible Illusions M3B, and the sound is to die for. You do not need to waste $$ on fancy cables, believe me on this.

@tlh28 - most brands of speaker do not require a specific TYPE/BRAND of speaker cable - with the exception of perhaps electrostatic speakers and Horn Speakers.

The amp driving them on the other hand can be a whole different kettle of fish...

  • high current solid state designs require low capacitance speaker cables
  • whereas tube amps are perfectly happy with high capacitance cables or low capacitance cables

To get the most out of your Spendor speakers I would recomend either Audio Envy or Zavfino cables.

Both offer

  • excellent dynamic performance and they have a lower noise floor than most other brands of cable, which improves imaging
  • good value for money
  • works well with both types of amp

Regards - Steve