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Okay, I’ve spent a fair amount on my dream system. Voxativ 9.87 system, very efficient speakers, Vocation 211 integrated, ps audio Directstream DAC and power station, etc. I’m using pretty basic cables, mostly what came with my equipment.  I still remember a magazine article where they AB tested high end cables neatly separated vs a mess of cheap crap.   The result, nobody heard a difference. So, flash forward, what cables will make a difference?  Brand and which component in order of benefit. Thank you!
"Septic"?     A very apposite descriptive, of so many claims, made on this site.     You’ll never know if a good set of cables will make a difference TO YOU, until you try them, for yourself.     The Cable Company charges 5%, of their going price, for whatever cabling piques your interest.     If you’re truly concerned, that shouldn’t deter.     If you like them, they’ll apply the rental to your purchase price.   Personally, I’d try a better interconnect pair first, between your DAC and integrated.     In my estimation; that would be most noticeable, aurally.     Try something older, from either Synergistic Research or Kimber, but- still close to their upper end.     Less expensive/still better than most.        ie:    OR:     Either of those should cost you less than $50(including shipping), to try in your system.
btw: If you live anywhere close to Indianapolis; I’d be willing to bring some cables(power, interconnect and speaker), to install/audition in your system.     None of mine are for sale, but- it would be fun and informative.

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12-12-2019 7:41am
Wire matters little. Contrary to what the "golden ears" crowd claims! Buy some low-cost Kimber or Audioquest ICs and speaker cable and stop worrying! And don't fall for the b.s. that wire needs to "burn-in" before becoming sonically acceptable!

Mister roberjerman , you have absolutely no idea of what you are talking about. 
OP - I am guessing with a Porsche ( does your moniker mean anything ? ) you might not think Consumer Reports knows WHY a sports car exists, let alone what a good one entails...,so for what it’s worth, maybe ask Voxativ ????? You might find they care and can make some recommendations...

I like Audioquest, Nordost, Kimber, Cardas, and for speaker wire only a mother could love Anticables 
@unfairlane Rober has some very fine wire in his system, got a good deal on silver Audioquest, so I would say he is already there....$500 cables aren’t the lunatic fringe to some... great IF one can get them for $100 but let’s all be clear his wire is NOT the free junk that comes in the box....
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