Hello running a pair of B&W 804 Nautlis the old model with the kevlar mid and aluminum tweeter what cable would match good with those being powered by NAD M 25 amp 15 ft runs 2000usd max. Thanx


When I had my N803s the cables I liked were Acoustic Zen Hologram and Satori, Audience AU24, Purist Aqueous 20th Anniversary. The Acoustic Zen cables are very good though and can be had used way under your $2000 budget and highly recommended with the B&Ws

Also I second the Canare 4S11 as a cheaper option. Just get good quality connectors if you go that route 


Canare definitely a great place to start, fairly neutral maybe a tad warm. Stage a little closed in but still a fine cable. WyWires Silver Series would be a step up, more open, wider and deeper stage. Speakers disappear and the cable does not draw attention to itself. If WyWires is still running their anniversary sale they should be in your budget.

+1 @audphile1 I prefer the AZ Shotgun bi-wire cables to a single run and well within your budget.