Roxy 54 I am a fan of your expertise on mcintosh equipment. The mc-2105 is my favorite peice, I am wondering what are your choice of cables. My pre-amps are mcintosh mx-123 and c-12000

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Why don't you just send him an Audiogon email?   Hijiri or Sternklang cables.


Thanks for the compliment, but I don't have any expertise regarding McIntosh gear. I have owned several of their amps and the 2105 in particular for many years, but beyond that experience, I can make no other claims.

In my experience, many cables work well, and of course your budget is a factor. I used Kimber 4TC for years with good success, as well as Cerious, and a couple of others. 

I would stay away from warmer sounding cables and more towards faster or more revealing. Litz copper cables maybe too much of a good thing with McIntosh. Depending on budget I would look into Nordost’s Heimdall 2 or Frey 2. Local McIntosh dealer uses both of these cables and I think they work well. They tried the McIntosh cables and stopped stocking them as they felt the Nordost, for the same money was a better cable. Own a balanced Frey 2, and in my system it’s a great cable.



+1 while I am not a fan of Mac stuff, I have heard a lot of it. I completely agree, the Mac stuff is heavy on bass and really light on details, you want fast detailed wire… silver can be an advantage… Nordost would be at the top of my list.