Cables and connects for Meadowlark Kestrel II

I'm looking for a match made in heaven for a pair of 2005 Kestrel II, cables and interconnects.I'm using an Audio Research VSI55 amp and Audio Research CD 2 in this system.I listen to all types of music;but mostly acoustic and vocals.Thankyou for your time and advice. Bluegill
Truly, there are so many cables out there that it's impossible to know what you'll like until you try. That's why a money-back guarantee is very cool for someone in your position. That said, I would check out Black Cat Lectralines. They fit into your budget, sound great and have a money-back. They were designed by Chris Sommivego, who designed the Stereovox cables that were very highly reviewed, but expensive. Good luck.
I owned the K2s, so I know the sound. I found them a bit laid back, so I used cables that were not of that balance.
I'm using Grover Huffman ZXs now, and I think they would be a very good match, as the ZX are very fast and dynamic, and very cleanly detailed without euphonic coloration or emphasis.
They are in your price range, and GH offers a trial guarantee.