Cables and lengths

I am looking to make my first purchase into decent cables for my system. I've read here that it's better to use longer interconnects and shorter speaker cables. I'm considering trying the DH Labs stuff, including BL1 interconnects and double-runs of the T-14 biwired. You can surmise from this that I don't have alot to spend. ~$500-$600 if possible. Would like opinions in reference to my system. B&K AVP 1030 DD preamp B&K AV6000 6x105 Monitor Audio 705 PMC fronts and CC70 center 75%Hometheater / 25%Music
If you are going to have a screen between your speakers you may as well put the components there too and buy better cables than the DH Labs (which congeal the sound), because the lengths are shorter.
Yes, I will have a 51" RPTV between the speakers. I need 5 interconnects and 3 double runs of speaker wire. With the amp positioned behind the TV and between the speakers I'll need 3-meter interconnects and 3-meter speaker wires. With the amp in the audio rack I'll need 1-meter interconnects and at least 4-meter speaker wires. I've considered DIY cables to improve the price/performance ratio, but need a finished look, and not really crazy about performing this work.
You might try Kimber VS - the grey/black braided stuff for your speaker runs and PBJ for the interconnects. It's been around forever but IMO it is a very decent starting point and you can ALWAYS find a buyer for it. I personally believe in factory termination. I've gone on to other cables since but I keep a complete set around and occasionally take to friends homes w/out decent cables - plug'em in and go for drinks and dinner - return and watch their eyes light up...