Cables for an FM Tuner

I have a few 70's SS tuners and am now going to reintroduce a Sony ST-5950 after having some mods done. What are folks using to good effect with resepct to RCA terminated cables in such an application? The tuner will be driven by a Platinum Edition McCormack DNA-225 through a Bent NOH passive, and then into Vandersteen 5A's. Thanks for any and all input.
It is overkill but Kimber 1010 or 1011's always sound very nice and actually let the sound of the piece come thru for less than the cost of a complete arm and leg.
I think the Auricle Audio Design analog IC from Audiogon member, Joemazzaglia, is certainly among the most reasonably priced really high performance interconnects for listening to your upgraded tuner. Under a $100, which can seem scarily inexpensive for excellent wiring. If you win one of his auctions, can be gotten for even less.
For $150 from there is Gregg Straley's analog IC, with performance pushed another notch higher using OFC RCA option, still just $225. This is demonstrated with very high quality systems from Clearsound, the Reimer speaker dealer on Audiogon.
With either one, be prepared to hear all that tuner mods can deliver. Of course, not restricted to tuner use.
Thanks. I've used a pair of Zu Oxyfuels on an ST-3950 to decent effect and was mostly wondering if ther ewas any consensus on RCA cables to a SS tuner. There are so damn many relatively cheap cables out there now, one has a hard time choosing. May just stick with the Zus