cables for apogee duetta II

I just picked up a pair of apogee duetta IIs and am looking for a good set of bi-wire speaker cables to go with them. Everything I read seems to indicate that the apogee speakers are very cable sensitive. Anyone have any experience/recommendations? I like a dymanic yet tight sound and am using an emotiva preamp with an aragon 4004 mkII. Also any suggestions on interconnects would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
Back in the day, Swiss-made Symo speaker cables were the cat's meow with Apogees and they weren't terribly expensive. They worked well with my Duetta II's but I don't recall comparing them to anything else! There is a pair on eBay right now but they seem a little pricey.
I have the Duetta Sigs. and used Siltech F-12 ribbons as well as VDH Revelation.
Straightwire Crescendo. They will give the Duettas bass bloom like no other wire and are very open and dynamic. Much better than Symo(which I owned also when I had Apogees Duetta Signatures).

I have a pair if you would like to try them.
I'm guessing the Alpha-Core Goertz MI2 or AG2 speaker cables would work nicely.
Not a good idea to use ANY high-capacitance cable -- such as Alpha-Core (even with the Zobel band-aid) -- with a solid state amp.
Disclaimer -- I own Portal Audio, a manufacturer of solid state amps; also own Equus Audio, which sells MIT cables.
BTW -- I have Duetta lls now. Have owned Divas & Duetta Sigs in the past.