cables for apogee duetta II

I just picked up a pair of apogee duetta IIs and am looking for a good set of bi-wire speaker cables to go with them. Everything I read seems to indicate that the apogee speakers are very cable sensitive. Anyone have any experience/recommendations? I like a dymanic yet tight sound and am using an emotiva preamp with an aragon 4004 mkII. Also any suggestions on interconnects would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
As stated a Zobel network is a benign and proven method of preventing problems to solid state amplifiers that low inductance cables may present. It is not a "band aid".

Speaking of which Joe, what is the purpose of the resistors, capacitors, inductors, gerbils, etc. inside those secretive little black band aid boxes attached to the cables you sell?

Pot, meet kettle.

I have Duetta II, Mk II - I use Nordost Blue Heaven, and like the combination. I am using an active crossover.
Here you go Ekchrist: