Cables for Audio Physic Libra

Current system:
amp: pair Bel Canto EvO 200.2 monoblocks
pre: Bel Canto SEP 1
CDP: Sony SCD 333ES
IC's: Nordost Quattro-fil
Speaker cables: Transparent Super XL.

Although I am badly infected with upgrade fever, the current set-up is pretty good, if a bit on the lean side. Does anyone have any suggestions as to a speaker cable for the Libras that will be more complementary to this set-up than the Super XLs?
I used to play my Libra with Nordost SPM ref, and also liked upmarket siltechs -- but couldn't afford those. As a general comment, fast cables, with reasonable tonal balance and upper range extension, sounded better to my ears than "euphonic" ones. Acoustic Zen *looks* (i.e. I have not heard any w/Libra) like a good choice too. Cheers
Single wire Satori. Check out the discrete output stages that Ric Shultz is putting together fro the Sony Players. If you ever really get nutty check out Dan Wright's tube output mod for the XA777. Just get rid of those atrocious Transparent cables and you will have an amazing set up ! Try Who is a great dealer and has a lot of experience with both Acoustic Zen and Audio Physic.
I have a pair of Virgo classics that i run with Bearlab Silver Thunder speaker cables and Silver Lightning IC's. couldn't be happier.

Analysis Oval Nine...I have tried enough speaker cables to stretch out to about 5 miles of highway! When I tried the Oval Nines, the search ended. Beats the socks off everything that I tried, regardless of price! Tremendous bass, soundstage, imaging, and detail. These cables will not dissappoint! They require a decent burn-in period to get the full potential out of them, but even out of the box you can hear the difference right away....